JEMH Vol. 8, 2013

Submissions are welcomed at any time, and may be published at any time throughout the year, following completion of the review process. At the end of each calendar year, all materials published during that year will constitute one annual volume.

Table of Contents




Peer Reviewed Submissions

  Relational Engagement and Borderline Personality Disorder

Lisa Wensink RN BScN MScN(c)
Nelly D. Oelke RN BScN MN PhD



Sixth JEMH Conference: Selected Proceedings

  An Experiment in Therapeutic Jurisprudence: Reflections on the Residential Schools Compensation Process
Michael Bay JD


Frontline Perspectives

Peer Reviewed Submissions

  Ethical Dilemmas that Arise when Mental Health Professionals use Client Data for Research Purposes
Erika Kewley
Dawn McBride PhD



Invited Submissions

  Psychopathy and Moral Agency
Jeffrey D. Bedrick MA MD


Research Reflections

Peer Reviewed Submissions

  Ethical Considerations in the Use of Placebo-Controlled Trials in Psychiatry
Lauren Cook-Chaimowitz MSc



1 Social Stigma and Suicide
Robyn R. Gaier PhD
2 Towards a More Egalitarian Approach to Communicating Psychopathology
Emad Sidhom MBBCh ABPsych


Book and Media Reviews

Film Reviews:

  L’autre maison : What living environments are we preparing for our elderly?
Reviewed By: Maude Laliberté pht MSc

Book Reviews:

  Applied Ethics in Mental Health Care: An Interdisciplinary Reader

Edited By: Dominic A. Sisti, Arthur L. Caplan, and Hila Rimon-Greenspan
2013 The MIT Press

Reviewed By: Rosanna Macri MRT(T) MHSc