JEMH Vol. 7, 2012


Submissions are welcomed at any time, and may be published at any time throughout the year, following completion of the review process. At the end of each calendar year, all materials published during that year will constitute one annual volume.


Table of Contents





Bernard Dickens Student Award


Letters to the Editor

  Letter to the Editor: Reflections of a Physicist on the Philosophy of Intellectual Disability
Harold M. Frost III, PhD



Peer Reviewed Submissions

1. End of Life Care for People with Mental Illness
Terry Webber RN BSPN CHPCN(C)
2. Psychologists at Guantanamo Bay: Can their Ethical Violations be Justified?
Ashley J. Malin MA


Frontline Perspectives

Peer Reviewed Submissions

1. Attitudes of Health Care Professionals Towards Addictions Clients Accessing Mental Health
Services: What Do We Know and How Can this be Used to Improve Care?
Michelle C. Danda BSoc BPsy MN RN
2. Suicide and Boundaries: The Therapy of Nancy C.
Rex Roman PhD
Brenda M. Whiteman BA BSW RSW
3. The Client with Limited English Proficiency
Elizabeth A. Melles MA



Peer Reviewed Submissions

1. The Duty to Warn Revisited: Contemporary Issues within the North American Context

Fotini Zachariades, PhD C. Psych
Christine Cabrera, PhD (candidate)

2. Power and Mental Illness: A Foucaultian Analysis of the Newfoundland and Labrador Mental Health Care and Treatment Act
Kimberly A. Bonia PhD (Candidate)


Research Reflections

Peer Reviewed Submissions

  Retrospective Analysis of ADHD Diagnoses in an Outpatient Pediatric Clinic
J. Kim Penberthy PhD
Joshua N. Hook PhD
Marc D. Breton PhD
Carolyn F. Runyon MA
Boris P. Kovatchev PhD



Peer Reviewed Submissions

  Was Kant a Normativist or Naturalist for Mental Illness?
Dominic A. Sisti PhD


In My Life

  Ethical Challenges of a Good Mental Health Patient
Michiko Tsukada  



  Ethics, Personhood and the Persistent Vegetative State: New Evidence, New Obligations?
Robert Butcher PhD  


Book and Media Reviews

Film Review

  Drug Reps in Film: Un/Scripting Markets, Medicine and Mental Health
Michael J. Oldani PhD MS

JEMH 2012 Special Theme Supplement: Sexual Behaviours


Special Theme Guest Editorial

  Sexual Behaviours and Serious Mental Illness
Barbara Russell MBA PhD


Special Theme Articles

1. Where is the Sex in Mental Health Practice? A Discussion of Sexuality Care Needs of Mental Health Clients
Linda McClure RN BScN MSc
2. Institutional Capacity to Respond to the Ethical Challenges of Patient Sexual Expression in State Psychiatric Hospitals in the United States
Eric R. Wright PhD
Heather McCabe JD MSW
Harold E. Kooreman MA
3. Innovative Approaches to Ethical Issues in the Care of People with Intellectual Disabilities and Potentially Problematic Sexual Behaviours
J. Paul Fedoroff MD
Deborah Richards CHMA MA
4. Schizophrenia, Sexuality, and Recovery
Scott P. Van Sant MD
Anthony O. Ahmed PhD
Peter F. Buckley MD
5. Assessing Capacity to Consent to Sexual Activity: Legal Considerations
Barbara Walker-Renshaw BA (Hons) MA LLB
6. Sex, Dementia and the Nursing Home: Ethical Issues for Reflection
Marcia Sokolowski PhD
7. The Medicalization of Sex Therapy: Better Living Through Chemistry?
Daniel N. Watter EdD