JEMH - Vol. 5, No. 1, November 2010

Table of Contents
Entire Issue as a single pdf file:
I.  Editorial
JEMH Update
Ronald Ballantyne MSW MBA
II.  Letters to the Editor
"idem-identify vs ipse identity"
Harold M. Frost III, PhD
III. Articles
Peer Reviewed Submissions
1. Influenza Pandemic, Mental Illnesses, Addictions
Barbara Russell MBA PhD
2. Neuroenhancement: Warning, Autonomax may be Necessary
Sara Waller PhD
Carmela Epright PhD
3. Informed Consent and Disclosure of Information for Stimulant Medication: An exploratory study of teenagers', parents' and physicians' preferences for information disclosure
Debbie Schachter MD MSc FRCPC
Irwin Kleinman MD FRCPC
IV. Frontline Perspectives
Peer Reviewed Submissions
1. Advance Directives and the Problem of Informed Consent
Marcia Sokolowski MA PhD
2. Treatment-Resistant Major Depression and the Capacity to Terminate Care
Barbara R. Sommer MD
Donna J. Roybal MD
3. Contemporary Issues in Ethical E-therapy
Sharon Lee MA
V.  Benchmark
Peer Reviewed Submissions
1. Watch Your Language: A Review of the Use of Stigmatizing Language by Canadian Judges
Michelle Black MSc LLB (c)
Jocelyn Downie MA MLitt. LLB LLM SJD
VI.  In My Life
Addressing Treatment Futility and Assisted Suicide in Psychiatry
Justine S. Dembo MD
VII.  Book and Media Reviews
Film Reviews
Intimate relationships and dementia - an extended commentary on Away from Her
L. Syd M Johnson PhD
Timothy M Krahn BA (Hons)
Book Reviews
1. The Virtuous Psychiatrist: Character Ethics in Psychiatric Practice
by Radden J, Sadler JZ; Oxford University Press, 2010
I. Reviewed by: Jeffrey Kirby MD MA(Phil)
II. Reviewed by: Ari Zaretsky MD FRCPC
III. Reviewed by Sam Izenberg MD FRCPC
2. Relational Ethics in Practice: Narratives from Counselling and Psychotherapy
Gabriel L, Casemore R, Editors; Routledge, 2009
Reviewed by Derek Truscott PhD
3. Movies and Mental Illness: Using Films to Understand Psychopathology, 3rd ed.
by Wedding D, Boyd MA, Niemiec RM; Hogrefe, 2010
Reviewed by Frederick W Engstrom MD
4. Advanced Ethics for Addiction Professionals
by Taleff MJ; Springer Publishing Company, 2009
Reviewed by Daniel Yalisove PhD