JEMH - Vol. 4, No. 1, April 2009

Table of Contents
Entire Issue as a single pdf file:
I.  JEMH News
Ronald Ballantyne MSW MBA
II.  Frontline Perspectives
Peer Reviewed Submissions
Rethinking Compassion Fatigue as Moral Stress
Donna Forster MSW MPA PhD
III. Benchmark
Invited submission
Restraint to facilitate treatment: Is it compatible with least restraint principles?
Barbara Walker-Renshaw MA LLB
IV. Research Reflections
Editorial Committee Reviewed Submission
Is it possible to ethically research the mental health needs of the Somali Communities in the UK?
A.D. Mohamed BSc
D. Loewenthal
V.  In My Life
The Doctor Who Hears Voices
Andrea Nicki PhD
VI.  Insight
Robert Butcher PhD
VII.  Book and Media Reviews
Special Article
Building a Mental Health Ethics Film Series
Building Mental Health Ethics Literacy
Timothy Krahn BA (Hons)

JEMH Vol.4., No. 1 Supplement, September 2009

Table of Contents

Entire Issue as a single PDF
I.  Introduction
Ronald Ballantyne MSW MBA
II.  Guest Editorial
Guest Editorial
Richard Warner, M.B., D.P.M.
III.  Special Theme Issue Articles
"Psychiatry and the Pharmaceutical Industry"
Peer Reviewed
1. Pharmacists, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and Ethics

Barbara J. Russell PhD (Phil) MBA

2. The Pharmaceutical Industry and the Construction of Psychiatric Diagnoses

Joanna Moncrieff, MBBS, MSc, MRCPsych, MD


Direct-to-Consumer Advertising and the Internet: Implications and Imperatives

Hugh Schulze


The Ethics of the Pharmaceutical Alliance with Psychiatry: A Developing Country Perspective

Jonathan Kenneth Burns MBChB (UCT), MSc(Edin), FCPsych(SA)

5. An Operational Proposal for Addressing Conflict of Interest in the Psychiatric Field

G.A. Fava MD

6. Privatization of Knowledge and the Creation of Biomedical Conflicts of Interest

Leemon B. McHenry, Jon N. Jureidini

7. Show Me the Evidence: The Ethical Aspects of Pharmaceutical Marketing, Evidence-Based Medicine, and Rational Prescribing

David Pollack MD,  Rick Wopat MD, John Muench MD, MPH, Daniel M. Hartung PharmD, MPH